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You can help us raise awareness about the importance of reporting suspected side effects and encourage others to report a Yellow Card using the materials below. Do click on them, share and like them on social media.  You can also download and save the infographics for local promotion. Contact us for more information or for more help to raising awareness.

  • Below is an animated video developed by the MHRA to promote the reporting of suspected side effects. It can also be seen on MHRA's YouTube channel via the link:

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The animation above and infographics below were developed from the SCOPE (Strengthening Collaborations to Operate Pharmacovigilance in Europe) Joint Action project as part of the first EU wide social media campaign led by the MHRA in 2016.

Infographic - Reporting suspected side effects (gif)

Infographic - Reporting makes medicines safer (gif)

Infographic - Reporting in EU is improving and leads to better medicines information (gif)

Building upon this momentum, the MHRA collaborated with the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, a World Organisation Centre for International Drug Monitoring, to develop more infographics for a second social media campaign in 2017.

Infographic animation - Taking medicines without measuring (gif) - to be uploaded soon

Infographic animation - Feeling a bit off after taking a medicine (gif) - to be uploaded soon 
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Infographic animation – Remind your patients to take their medicines as instructed (gif) - to be uploaded soon
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Here are some examples of the above:

Asset 4 Feeling A Bit Off When Taking Your Medicines 520X520 Asset 6   Remind Your Patients To Take Their Medicine As Instructed 520X520

MHRA has developed other videos through national campaigns aimed to encourage the reporting of suspected side effects:

  • In children:

  • General patient reporting:

  • For pharmacists: