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Making medicines and medical devices safer

Case Studies

The value of the Yellow Card scheme has been demonstrated many times and it has helped to identify numerous important safety issues, many of which were not recognised as being related to a particular medicine until we received information on Yellow Cards. Yellow Card reports are also used alongside the assessment of other safety information and have contributed to identifying new patient safety issues. More information on what happens to your Yellow Card report can be found on our information page.

When we identify a new safety issue or learn more about a recognised one and if there is enough evidence, we carefully consider this in the context of the overall safety profile for the healthcare product. 

Often when a new safety issue is identified, relevant warnings will be added to the product information, or there is a change in the advice on how or the way a product is used, or warnings given to groups of patients, healthcare professionals or users of the product. On this page you will find some case studies where Yellow Card reports have contributed to patient safety.

Click here to see case studies of Yellow Card reporting making a difference

One example the video below features Jazz, a pharmacist in Liverpool, who shares her experiences with reporting and why she felt it was important.

Another example is featured in an interview with Liz, a patient, who shares her experiences and why she feels it is important to report.